Alison Lukes has always had a flair for fashion. As a three year old, her mother refused to buy her a bikini so Alison took matters and the scissors into her own hands and “altered” a brand new Florence Eismann bathing suit. Years later, she began her career in fashion with designer Michael Kors.

While working for Michael Kors, Alison served as the Executive Assistant to the CEO and then the Creative Image Manager. As the Creative Image Manager she oversaw the designer’s international advertising campaign, both creatively and strategically, developed the Michael Kors collateral brand and managed international branding with company’s many licensees.

After four years in New York and one year painting in Paris, this Alexandria native returned to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and launched Alison Lukes et Cie, a personal wardrobing métier.

Today, Alison works closely with all of her clients to create a space and wardrobe perfect for his or her lifestyle. From creating an organized and aesthetically pleasing closet, to choosing the right accessories, her tips and tricks ensure her clients are never faced with a fashion crisis.

Alison Lukes was born in 1977 in Alexandria, Virginia. She attended Episcopal High School and Denison University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts. Alison and her husband Emerson are frequently seen walking with their two young-yet-stylish sons and their dachshunds, Precious and Pork Chop.

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